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Living Churchyard Geocache Series

We love visiting churchyards which are managed sensitively – those which are havens for wildlife and people. Unsurprisingly many other people do too and one way of encouraging them to visit your churchyard is to take part in Geocaching.


What is Geocaching?
Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt. Players to find a cache using GPS coordinates given on the site, using a GPS-enabled device, such as a smart phone or a GPS unit. A user uploads or adds the co-ordinates of the geocache that they wish to find and uses their device to get close enough to the geocache to start looking for it. When the geocache is found, the user signs the log book and marks the geocache as found on the geocaching website.

A cache can be anything from a nano, which is the smallest size of cache, to a large cache that is often the size of an ammo box.

The larger size caches hold lots of different things, from small toys to keep children interested to travel bugs, which have a unique identifier allowing it to be tracked via all over the world. Travel bugs can be taken by any finder without having to place anything into the geocache. Other items can be taken only if the finder trades it with one of their own items.


Does it cost? 


 The basic membership of is free and allows people to find and place geocaches. Geocaches and log books can be purchased from many online sources, including ebay, and are not prohibitively expensive.

An example of how Tim Havenith from St Giles Living Churchyard Project did their Geocache… case study


Yes we would like to have a Geocache – what do we do now?

1. Contact us to receive a Living Churchyard Series number

2. Decide what type of ‘cache’ you want – (a small shell like St Giles or a larger box with a travel bug in it…)

3. Take photos of your lovely churchyard and write some words ready for the Geocaching website.

4. Gain written permission from the landowner (an email is fine)

5. Hide your cache and logbook.

6. Visit, create an account and submit your cache details to the website along with contact details for the landowner.

7. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a link to your geocache and we will publicise your cache.


Living Churchyard Series

Living Churchyard #001 - St.Giles

Living Churchyard #002 - St ? this could be your church!

A big thank you to Tim Havenith for inspiring and informing us about geocaching.

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