The Beautiful Burial Ground

Removing Ivy; St Mary's, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire


 Built 2 Ivy sml  

English Heritage and Oxford University did a trial to look at the best way to remove ivy from gravestones and also what effect the ivy had had on the monument beneath.

Ivy Case Study

Ivy Removal Trial

Ivy Seminar Report

Restoring a Monument Whilst Preserving Lichens; St Andrew's, Hampton, Worcestershire

John Martin Tomb sml   The trustees of a historic chest tomb were concerned about the state of the tomb and wished to carry out restoration work. The tomb has a fantastic array of lichens growing on it and The British Lichen Society carried out a survey of the churchyard and tomb, giving advice on the lichens and what works would be possible without damaging them. Through planning in advance it was possible to both preserve the lichens and also conserve the monument - a win:win situation. 

Lichen Case Study

Lichen List for Churchyard and Tomb

Lichen Report - The John Martin Chest by Ivan Pedley

Discoed Wall Case Study; St Michael's, Discoed, Powys


 Built 3 Discoed sml  

St Michaels had 2 lime mortared walls which were falling down. We did a site visit. Both walls were not too high or by a road, so we felt they were appropriate for us to run a training course on. By doing this local volunteers receive training for free and the church gets the wall repaired for a fraction of the cost of using a contractor’.

Discoed wall case study

Organising a dry stone walling course 

Recording Monuments; St Teilo's, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire


Built 1 St Teilo sml   

The churchyard of St Teilo in Llandeilo is divided in two by an A road, leaving half of it overgrown with unrecorded monuments.  Volunteers have learnt how to follow recording guidelines and use a proforma and the entire site is now recorded.

St Teilo's Case Study

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust Investigating and Recording Graveyards

Report - St Teilo's, Llandeilo

Good Graveyard Recording Pack 




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