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Your records will eventually be uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Atlas, where they will be freely available to anyone interested in the biodiversity of their local burial ground.
You can also submit records to us via email or post if you would prefer. Read more on this page. You can download a PDF form to use  or a Word version here
We encourage all beginner recorders and anyone using mobile to try our iNaturalist project: Join the activity here –


Download the iPhone app here



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Watch our short how-to record with iNaturalist video here

For more experienced recorders we suggest using our iRecord form.

If you have multiple records to add, please use this link:
iRecord User Guide

A comprehensive iRecord user guide is now available. This has been written by Steve Garland, based on an earlier training manual from 2013 but bringing it fully up to date. You can download the guide here – iRecord user guide.