Buckland-in-the-Moor – St Peter’s

About this churchyard

The churchyard at St Peter’s is a great example of unimproved, species rich grassland.  The acidity of the soil limits the range of species present but the mixes of herbaceous plants and fine grasses are typical of the old grassland that can be found in churchyards.

In the churchyard is an unusual thatched vestry, dating from the late 1700’s, it is believed to be the only surviving one in the country and is traditionally thatched with Devon Wheat straw. Originally an animal shelter, it has been used as a Dame school and a Sunday School before becoming the church vestry.

The area in front of the church and the bank between the churchyard and field are allowed to grow long between May and July each year to allow the grasses and wildflowers to fully mature and creating feeding opportunities and habitats for insects. The bank is full of primroses and native daffodils in the spring followed by bluebells and red campion, whereas the area in front of the church has later summer flowering species such as hawkbits, yarrow and knapweed.

The area behind the church is regularly short mown providing a good spot for wedding photographs etc. with the church and wildflower bank as a backdrop. A third area around the visited graves is allowed to grow to medium height allowing different wild flowers through the summer such as oxeye daisy, self heal and speedwells with paths mown between the graves. All grass cuttings from the regular mowing and the very late August ‘hay’ cut are gathered and removed to ensure the nutrient levels of the grassland remain low which is necessary to achieve a good mix of plants within the grassland sward.

At present there is a loose arrangement between the church and volunteers for the management of the grass which is reviewed each year.  A group of local volunteers help with the late cut and the regular mowing.

Species List collated in 2022

Key Features
  • Great for fungi
  • Wildflower Area
  • Peaceful space for quiet reflection
  • Lichen haven
  • Good accessibility



Buckland in the Moor
Newton Abbot TQ13 7HN
Visitor Information
Opening Times

The churchyard is always open for information on the church please visit the church website

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Church Website


This is a gently sloping site with two gateways.  The top gateway beside the parking area offers level, surfaced access the surfaced path then slopes gently downhill round to the church porch.  The second entrance, below the church has a stepped, more narrow access from the lane.  A surfaced path runs from this gateway, a shorter distance, uphill to the church porch.


There are benches by the vestry in the churchyard and narrow benches in the porch.


The nearby toilets in the Village Hall are only available for use when there is a church service or event.

Otherwise public toilets at Widecombe in the Moor or Ashburton.

Parking & Transport

There is a parking area on the roadside just beyond the church.

There is a bus that runs on a Wednesday from Buckland to Newton Abbot and returns later in the day for more details please visit traveline.


There are a variety of places to eat in Ashburton a 15 min drive from Buckland.

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