Crickhowell: St Edmunds

About this Churchyard

This beautiful churchyard is approximately a quarter of a hectare in size and is well maintained. It surrounds St Edmund’s Church which is a Grade 11 listed building and is situated near the centre of the small town of Crickhowell. It lies in the Conservation Area of the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority. The churchyard has been closed for coffin burials since 1886 but a few burials of ashes have taken place more recently.

The ground is flat, though uneven in parts of the eastern end. It is surrounded by stone walls on three sides, north, east and west which separate the churchyard from roads, and railings on the south side. Alongside the railings is a path which separates the churchyard from the town cemetery.

St Edmund’s churchyard has a good diversity of wild flowers. Some fungi have been seen amongst the grass, in a flowerbed and on a couple of the yew trees. The most common birds seen around and above the churchyard are blackbirds, sparrows, wrens, jackdaws, crows, pigeons, collared doves, swifts, sparrowhawks, and kites. At night, owls are sometimes heard, and bats, which roost in the church roof-space, can be seen flying through the churchyard and surrounding area.

Other animals which are occasionally spotted are butterflies, bees, hedgehogs, slow worms, beetles, ladybirds, snails and slugs. A few tussocky mounds found on a few gravestones and the remains of a tree stump have been identified as the habitats of rare yellow meadow ants.

Key Features
  • Wildflower areas
  • Peaceful space for quiet reflection
  • Wildflower haven
  • Good accessibility



St Edmund’s Church
Church Lane

Visitor Information

Opening Times

The graveyard is accessible at all times.


Tarmac path leading to the church and throughout areas of the churchyard

We are soon to install some new benches


There are no public toilets in the town. The closest ones are in Abergavenny a 16 minute drive away.

Parking & Transport

There is no parking outside the church but Beaufort Street Car Park is a 4 minute walk from the church.

There are bus stops within the town of Crickhowell

Bus timetable.


The Courtroom Café is a 2 minute walk from the church

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