Glasbury: St Peter’s

About This Churchyard

St Peter’s churchyard is situated in an elevated position with fine views across the valley. It is about 1.4 hectares with a gradient towards the road on the West and surrounded by dry stone walls. There are 11 stunning Yew trees on site, 6 of which are listed as ‘notable’ on the Ancient Yew Group website (classed as between 300 and 700 years old).

The churchyard has ant mounds which have been created by the harmless Yellow Meadow Ant, Lasius flavus. These mounds are likely to be decades old and form a mini-habitat of their own.  The ants need the warmth of the sun and so they trim back the grass growing on the surface and this encourages a variety of plants.  Look out for green woodpeckers visiting the nests who use their extraordinarily long sticky tongue to feast on the ants.

Many areas of the churchyard are full of flowers such as Pignut, Heath Bedstraw, Burnet-Saxifrage, Oxeye Daisies, Meadow Buttercups and Meadow Vetchling.

Key Features
  • Wildflower areas
  • Wildlife haven
  • Great for fungi
  • Birders paradise
  • Lichen haven
  • Peaceful space for quiet reflection
Visitor Information

? No dogs allowed

? There is level access with grass paths and paths surfaced with scalpings.

? There is car parking right outside the church yard


St Peter and St Cynidr’s Church,

Opening Times

Open for services


There is sloped tarmac access from a small parking area to the burial ground and church entrance. The churchyard itself is on a slope with grass paths through it. There is seating on site with a back and an armrest. There is baby changing facilities at The River Cafe in Glasbury

Parking & Transport

There is car parking on site. The nearest bus stop is in Glasbury.





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