Llangasty Tal-y-llyn – St Gastyn

About this Churchyard

St Gastyn churchyard is a beautiful site and sits right by Llangors Lake. The burial ground has been managed as a summer meadow and during the summer months it contains beautiful wildflowers such as Common Spotted-orchid, Bird’s-foot-trefoil, Fox-and-cubs, Common Sorrel, Germander Speedwell, Herb-Robert and Buttercups.

Key Features
  • Wildflower areas
  • Good accessibility
  • Peaceful space for quiet reflection
  • Wildlife Haven
  • Lovely Lychgate
  • Memorials with famous or infamous connections
  • Stones with stories
  • Fascinating monuments
  • Birders paradise
  • Lichen haven



St Gastyn Church
Llangasty Tal-y-llyn
Opening Times

The burial ground is accessible at all times.

Contact details

Vanessa Newton [email protected]


There is level access to the burial ground with tarmac paths leading through to the building.

Seating and Interpretation

There are benches around the churchyard and interpretation in the burial ground.


There are no toilets in the church, the nearest are at Llangorse campsite, a 13 minute drive away.

Parking & Transport

There are a few parking spaces by the churchyard

The church is not accessible by public transport


The closest café is Talybont stores, a 12 minute drive from the church and Castle Inn pub a 10 minute drive.


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