Weston Lullingfields: Holy Trinity Church

About This Churchyard

The churchyard is the only example in Weston Lullingfileds of permanent ungrazed grassland amongst arable and improved grassland fields. There are pockets of alkaline soil which means calcium loving plants like Quaking-grass and Rough Hawkbit are present.

The grassland is best in spring and early summer when the primroses, pignut and common dog violet flower in profusion alongside other species. There is a wealth of non-invasive grass species and stands of ox-eye daisies and heath speedwell in summer. The groups of fungi and mosses are plentiful in a wet autumn with some species of both needing expert identification.

There is a good fernery at the back of the church

The churchyard is still an active burial site and much visited by families. The management must balance the human needs with that of the plants. In summer the site is mown, with care, as little as possible and some areas left wild with a general clear up starting after mid July when the flowers and grasses have had a chance to set seed. Mowing stops about mid October with a close mow before fungi appear and then left until primroses and Violets have had a chance to flower and set some seed.

Animals are mostly visitors to the churchyard. Mole, squirrel, badger and fox signs are often present. There is a resident population of shrews and yellow necked mice and a pair of jackdaws usually nest in spring. Bat and bird boxes are on the trees and a bug hotel and two log piles are homes for bugs and beasties.

The churchyard is on a quiet road so bikers and walkers often take a break on one of the three seats. The views over toward Wales are good and in spring the middle view is one of damson blossom in ancient hedgerows.

Key Features
  • Wildflower areas
  • Great for fungi
  • Peaceful space for quiet reflection
  • Good accessibility
Visitor Information

? There is a good quality flagstone path that leads from the church gate to the porch going slightly uphill

? Parking available for a few cars



Holy Trinity Church
Weston Lullingfields

Opening Times

The gate to the churchyard is always open but the church is locked. For more information on the church please visit their information page here .


There is a good quality flagstone path that leads from the church gate to the porch going slightly uphill.  All other paths are mown grass on a slightly sloping site.

Three Benches with back and arm rests are available in the churchyard.

Parking and Transport

There is parking for a few cars by the church gate.

The 576 Shrewsbury to Oswestry service passes by the church. This is a very sparse service for Weston but more frequent to Baschurch.


Moor Farm Café and shop in Baschurch, approximately 3 miles from Weston,  is wheelchair friendly, has baby change facilities and does wonderful cakes to go with coffee.

More information

Weston Lullingfields Species List

External Links

Moor Farm Cafe https://www.moorfarmshop.co.uk/cafe/

576 Bus timetable https://bustimes.org/services/576-shrewsbury-to-oswestry


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