West Sussex


Organiser name – Revd Gerry Burgess
Organiser phone – 01798 831600
Location name – St Michael’s Amberley
Name of activity/open day – Churchyard weekend
Venue address – St Michael’s Church, Church Street, Amberley, West Sussex, BN18 9ND
Activity description – Discover more about our churchyard:
Explore the burials and family stories connected with them
Identify wildflowers and other wildlife
Activities for children and adults
Churchyard Service Sunday 13th June 10am
Date of activity – 12-13 June focus but open all week
TRuns all week? – yes
Booking required? no


Organiser name – Richard W. Symonds
Organiser email – info@ifieldsociety.org.uk
Location name – St Margaret’s Parish Church, Ifield Village
Name of activity/open day – The Parish Cemetery Ramblettes
Venue address – The Cemetery, St Margaret’s Parish Church, Ifield St, Ifield Village, Crawley, West Sussex
RH11 0NN
Activity description – 1. ‘Home to Humanity’ Parish Cemetery Ramblette – A short walk around the ancient parish churchyard – Saturday June 5 2021 – 11am to 1pm [meet outside the Plough in Ifield Village]
Notable local people or families interred.
Styles of head stones and unusual inscriptions.
Disreputable/’colourful’ local people interred. May not have headstones.
Church characters like the vicars, sextons or church clerks and wardens.
Epic local events like disease epidemics that caused frequent burials in a short time.

‘Home to Nature’ Parish Cemetery Ramblette – A short walk around the ancient parish churchyard – Saturday June 12 2021 – 11am to 1pm [meet outside the Plough in Ifield Village]
Date of activity – Saturday June 5 2021 and Saturday June 12 2021
Time of event – 11am to 1pm [2 hours]
Runs all week? –
Booking required? no
Website: http://ifieldsociety.org.uk/


Organiser name – Sue Standing
Organiser email – suestanding@hotmail.com
Organiser phone – 7771966846
Location name – Heene Cemetery
Name of activity/open day – Attracting Wildlife to Worthing’s Urban Gardens
Venue address – Heene Cemetery
Manor Road
BN11 4RY
West Sussex
Activity description – Despite being a confined green space in the middle of urban Worthing, Heene Cemetery is teeming with wildlife because of the way it is managed. These management practices can be easily transferred to the urban gardens of Worthing, transforming them into valuable wildlife reserves at a time when many of our familiar animals and plants are now seldom seen because they are facing decline or extinction. You will be shown how to apply our conservation techniques to your garden, of whatever size. Our World Environment Day Tours are aimed at all ages, children being particularly welcome as the next generation who will be the guardians of our precious planet.
Brian Day will be leading these tours with an aim to help children understand their environment and the part they can play in helping nature arrive in their garden.
Date of activity – Saturday 5th June 2021
Time of event – 2pm and 3pm
Booking required? – yes


Organiser name – Reverend Kate Bailey
Organiser email – rev.kate@LNEchurches.org.uk
Location name – St.Michael’s Church, Northchapel
Name of activity/open day – Churchyard Nature Activity Day
Venue address – St Michael’s Church, A283, Northchapel, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 9HP
Activity description – Have asked the local primary school to be involved and will work with them around fitting this into their curriculum. We will be looking at the plants, trees, any birds seen, or insects in several parts of the churchyard so we can see if the results are the same, or different if a shady part of the churchyard, or open sun; near trees or out in the open.
Date of activity –
Time of event –
Runs all week? – yes
Booking required? yes


Organiser name – John Marchment
Organiser email – johnmarchment@hotmail.com
Location name – St Peter’s Upper Beeding
Name of activity/open day – Family Churchyard Nature Search
Venue address – St Peter’s Church, 78 Church Lane, Upper Beeding, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3HP
Activity description – A search for the wildlife of the churchyard. Identifying and recording any finds with the help of local naturalists. Other related activities for school age children. Refreshments available.
Date of activity – 12th June 2021
Time of event – 2.00pm until 4.00 pm
Booking required? no


Organiser name – Christine Tuson
Organiser email – ctuson@lineone.net
Location name – St Mary’s Parish Church, Storrington
Name of activity/open day – Get to know your churchyard
Venue address – St Mary’s Parish Church, Church Street, Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4LJ
Activity description – Come and get to know the churchyard. Spend an hour or so and see what you can see. Make a list of wildlife to help us understand what lives and thrives in our churchyard.
Runs all week? – yes
Booking required? no
Website: http://www.storringtonparishchurch.org.uk