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Recording Species

Because burial grounds have been a dedicated green space for years, sometimes centuries, their plant and animal life is often rich and diverse. We are encouraging visitors to burial grounds to record species that they encounter and these records can then be added to a database which we are compiling which will be accessible by all and will build into a picture of what has been seen, when and how frequently.

Anyone can make a recording by noting down some details – all records are useful, even of common plants, grasses, birds or other wildlife as they help to monitor the rise or decline of species over a period of years. The type of information we ask for is quite straightforward:

  • Species – List the names of the species you encountered
  • Where were you? Please give a name, address and/or grid reference for the site you visited
  • Date – What date did you visit?
  • Recorder(s) – who do these records belong to? Were you the sole recorder or were there more than one?

There is further information available on this page on how to record, including a video but if you have any queries or thoughts do please email us at and we will be able to help you.