Donations to Caring for God’s Acre can come in many forms, but whatever gift you give will go towards keeping burial grounds beautiful. We depend upon the generosity of supporters to maintain our work.
Your support is most appreciated.

Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charities to reclaim tax on membership subscriptions or donations made by a UK taxpayer, which means money we receive from you will be worth 25% more to us at no extra cost to you. If you Gift Aid your subscription or donation we can claim 25p back from the government for every £1 you give to Caring for God’s Acre.

This additional income really does make a big difference to us, so please don’t forget to send us a completed Gift Aid form if you become a member or make a donation and are a UK tax payer.  You can download a form here, and please fill it in and email it to [email protected] with the subject line Gift Aid.

gift aidThank you for your support.

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