Our Team

Sue Briggs

The Beautiful Burial Ground Project Manager

Sue is an experienced project manager and joins the team after working for the National Trust, increasing access to the wider estate at Dudmaston, Shropshire and previously working at the University of Birmingham.

Contact: sueb@cfga.org.uk



The Beautiful Burial Ground Data Manager

Liam has an interest in wildlife and conservation. He is currently studying Biological Recording through Manchester Metropolitan University via The Gateway in Shrewsbury and FSC Preston Montford. He will be managing the flow of records through iRecord to the NBN Atlas, analysing this data, and welcomes any contact regarding how you can be involved in this.

Contact: liam@cfga.org.uk

George Sharp

The Beautiful Burial Ground Community Coordinator

George(ina) joins the team with a background in public land management and is looking forwards meeting all the different organisations who have helped get this project off the ground. George is the main contact for all the project sessions.

contact: george@cfga.org.uk

Harriet Carty

Charity Director

Andrea Gilpin

Communications & Development Manager

Prue Dakin

Office Manager

Alex Logan

Churchyard Task Team Co-ordinator


More information to follow