Churchyard & Burial Ground Action Pack

Our Action Pack has a wealth of information to help with the sensitive management of your local churchyard, cemetery or burial ground.

Available in both English and Cymraeg, the pack can be downloaded or can be purchased from our shop.

The pack is divided into four sections:

A. Managing Churchyards and Burial Grounds
B. Havens for Wildlife
C. Burial Grounds through Time
D. Involving People

Churchyard & Burial Ground Education Pack

This Education Pack supports teachers and group leaders working with pre-school and Primary school age children.

There are five topics in the Pack, each containing several activities and ideas, including photographs, worksheets and templates.

The topics covered are:
Precious Places
What’s the Story?
Marvellous Monuments
Wildlife Safari
Art and Architecture

Starter Guide

The Starter Guide is just one way in which the Beautiful Burial Ground Project will support absolute beginners to research and record the natural, built and social heritage of burial grounds.

We have printed a small number of guides and are trialing them this summer with various groups.  If you would like to help trial this free guide please get in touch with George on

The guides will be available to download free from here in 2020.


Burial Ground Botanical Companion

Enjoy using our Botanical Companion to get started in surveying the grassland plants in your burial ground and making sense of what you find.  You don’t need to be able to identify every plant, simply have a go at as many stages as you can. Available as a hardcopy and a download.

It can be useful to have one hard copy and then download the Summary Sheet, Species List and Chart of Indicator Species in order to write on each time you survey (page 11-19).

Hand Hay Baler plans

Our hand hay baler plans are based on an original design from the East Texas Pine Straw website.

To see our baler in action visit and scroll down to How to Use a Hand Hay Baler.

Pecyn Gweithgarwch Mynwentydd Eglwysi a Safleoedd Claddu

Mae gan ein Pecyn Gweithgarwch gyfoeth o wybodaeth i helpu gyda rheoli mynwent eich eglwys, eich mynwent gyhoeddus neu eich safle claddu lleol yn sensitif.

Ar gael yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg, mae posib lawrlwytho’r pecyn neu gellir ei brynu o’n siop ni.

Mae’r pecyn wedi’i rannu’n bedair adran:

A. Rheoli Mynwentydd Eglwysi a Safleoedd Claddu
B. Hafan i Fywyd Gwyllt
C. Safleoedd Claddu dros Amser
D. Cynnwys Pobl

Pecyn Addysgol Mynwentydd a Safleoedd Claddu

Mae’r Pecyn Addysgol yma’n cefnogi athrawon ac arweinwyr grwpiau sy’n gweithio gyda phlant cyn-ysgol a phlant oedran yr ysgol gynradd.

Mae pum thema yn y Pecyn ac mae pob un yn cynnwys nifer o weithgareddau a syniadau, gan gynnwys lluniau, taflenni gwaith a thempledi.

Dyma’r pynciau sy’n cael sylw:

Llefydd Gwerthfawr
Beth yw’r Stori?
Cofadeiladau Campus
Saffari Bywyd Gwyllt
Celf a Phensaernïaeth

Five Steps