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Welsh Burial Grounds for Wildlife

Funder: The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund
Project duration; December 2019 to December 2022

Prince of wales's Charitable FundWelsh churchyards, chapel yards and cemeteries are fantastic places for biodiversity and we are just discovering how interesting they are. This project will take the records produced through the Beautiful Burial Ground project and displayed on the Burial Grounds portal on the NBN Atlas. We will put this raw data into an accessible form and use it to target managers of burial grounds that are particularly rich in wildlife, offering help, information and support.

We will support the managers of Welsh burial grounds by:

  • Creating a bespoke IT system that will draw information from the Burial Grounds portal within the NBN Atlas and bringing it across to the Church Heritage Cymru. This will be in a readable form that makes it accessible to site managers and planners or DAC members.
  • Identify sites known to have protected and notable species and encourage site managers to seek advice regarding management or planning change.
  • Give an overview of known ecological importance in the form of a summary to identify ecologically rich sites.
  • We will identify the more ecologically rich burial grounds and will contact those involved in managing them, offering support and advice. We will reach at least 350 site managers.
  • We will produce toolkits and minifilms to give further support and direction. These will cover topics such as managing ancient trees, lichens, ancient meadows and flowery grasslands plus ideas on interpretation and telling the story.
  • We will highlight ecologically rich burial grounds via our website and the Local to You page.
  • We will create leaflets and posters to inform the public about the wealth of interest in these places and to encourage exploration.