Video – Restoring Shropshire’s Verges Project (RSVP)

Species rich burial grounds can be a fabulous source of local wildflower seed to help restore other areas. We have been involved in collecting and donating seeds to various initiatives, ranging from small roundabouts to long stretches of verge. Caring for God’s Acre are one of the founders of RSVP and led a Heritage Fund project to set the group up and start work. Through this funded project the group were able to manage over 10km of verges for wildflowers, to create this video and also this leaflet. By the end of the project RSVP had become a constituted group with a growing membership and other sources of funding. We continue to enhance verges, using churchyards and cemeteries as seed sources and a reference of what species might occur in a particular locality. See Opening the Ark for more ways to help the wildlife within a churchyard to spread out into the surrounding area including the verges.

Download our lovely “Restoring Shropshire’s Verges Leaflet”

(pdf file, 13.8mb)

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