Ratlinghope – St Margaret’s

About this churchyard

St Margaret’s churchyard is a great example of a landscape of remembrance that is managed for biodiversity and heritage.

Areas of the churchyard are allowed to grow long during the spring and summer to enable the species rich grassland to flourish.  These areas are then scythed in the late summer and the cuttings removed allowing the fungi to emerge in the autumn.

Paths of short mown grass are maintained throughout the summer through the wildflower areas, around the church and along the formal path to aid accessibility.

This churchyard features in our short film Why Record Wildlife?

St Margaret’s churchyard is also home to the grave of the last known Sin-Eater in England, Richard Munslow.  Sin Eaters were paid a small amount to eat bread and drink ale across the body of someone who died suddenly, taking on their sins so they arrive before God in a clean and pure state.

Species Lists

Ratlinghope species list


Key Features
  • Wildflower areas
  • Peaceful space for quiet reflection
  • Wildlife haven
  • Fascinating monuments
  • Great for fungi
  • Good accessibility




Visitor Information
Opening Times

The churchyard is always open.

Contact details

St Margaret’s Facebook page 

details about St Margaret’s on A Church Near You.


There is a paved path up to the church porch, grass paths are cut around the churchyard throughout the year.


The closest public toilets are in Carding Mill Valley (5.5 miles via the Burway) or Snailbeach Village Hall (7 miles) both the Bridges Pub and Bog Visitor centre have toilets open to patrons.


There is seating in the porch and one bench with a back and an armrest in the churchyard.

Parking & Transport

There is parking on the roadside please park considerately

The Shropshire Hills shuttle bus runs past the church, check their website for details


The Bridges Pub (1 mile away) (https://thebridgespub.co.uk/menu/)

The Bog Visitor centre 4 miles away (The Bog Centre Website)

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