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Burial grounds are poorly understood in terms of their biodiversity relative to the wider countryside. They are not seen as places that can be visited without permission and their interest is often not recognised as a result – despite a few exceptional sites being known. The Beautiful Burial Ground project will make it easier for recorders to submit records for burial grounds, display summaries of burial ground data, use the data to highlight sites worthy of recognition as Local Wildlife Sites, and display data on the National Biodiversity Network Atlas and Church Heritage Record.

Complete the following form with your records, or click here to contribute a single record. Download our CfGA recording form helpsheet, view a help video here, or watch below.


Alternatively, you can join the iRecord activity at the following link:—churchyards-cemeteries-and-natural-burial-grounds. By using these forms and activity, your records will be uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Atlas, where they will be freely available to all, improving accessibility for anyone interested in the biodiversity of their local burial ground.



iRecord user guide

A comprehensive iRecord user guide is now available. This has been written by Steve Garland, based on an earlier training manual from 2013 but bringing it fully up to date. You can download the guide here – iRecord user guide

75,000 records


Over the 4-year project, with your help, we hope to add 75,000 freely available biodiversity records. Can you help us achieve that goal? Below are some of the ways you can help.


Submit records directly with our partners

The Beautiful Burial Ground project is collaborative in nature, we are working with many different groups and organisations. Have a look at some of the alternative recording forms here.


Alternative ways to share your records

We welcome any biodiversity records within burial grounds. How you share your records is up to you. You might consider some of the following:


You can download the following spreadsheet (including guidance notes). Once complete with your records you can click here to return it to Liam.


Share your records with Caring for God’s Acre spreadsheet


Word document

Copy and paste the following text in to a word document, notepad document, or in an email.


Species – List the names of the species you encountered



Where were you? Please give a name, address and/or grid reference for the site you visited



Date – What date did you visit?



Recorder(s) – who do these records belong to? Were you the sole recorder or were there more than one?



Notes – Please share any information you feel is relevant. Consider telling us a bit about how you went about recording, the time it took, your level of experience etc.

Post your records

We welcome records by post. Please try to include information relating to your location, the date, and recorder name(s). We will assume you do not wish for the records to be posted back to you. If you do, please let us know beforehand.

Your records will reach us at the following address:

11 Drovers House
The Auction Yard
Craven Arms