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The Story of a hand hay baler

6th August 2020

Exactly a year ago we were contacted at the Caring for God’s Acre office by a gentleman who was impressed by the YouTube video of our hand hay baler, but couldn’t find the plans on our website.  We got back to him to say that we were concerned that the plans that we had on file were not at all clear, and there was a step missing in the instructions, so we had temporarily taken them down pending a review of them.

As you can imagine, we were delighted when this lovely gentleman, who we soon got to know as John Langran of Llanfyllin, Powys, offered to try our plans out and highlight any problems.  He wasted no time at all, and over the next few days we had a number of emails from John, culminating in a triumphant picture of a finished hay baler.

But the story doesn’t end there.  John is clearly a resourceful and talented chap and towards the end of July he emailed us to say “I think you need to discard your instructions completely, there are too many things wrong with them. I started making some notes but gave up!”  But by no means was he ready to give up on the hay baler and by the second week in August he had not only completely re-written the instructions but also inserted a whole series of photographs to make the process clearer, and shared helpful tips and tweaks.

John’s finished plans can be downloaded from the Resources page of our website at

Thank you John!  We have shared your plans with a number of people who have contacted us directly, and they have been visited and downloaded from the website multiple times.

The plans are based on an original design from the East Texas Pine Straw website.