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Bats in Holy Trinity Church, Tattershall

7th June 2022

On a summer’s evening, the grand medieval building of Holy Trinity Collegiate Church in the pretty village of Tattershall in Lincolnshire comes alive. Hundreds of tiny, furry brown soprano pipistrelle […]

Bats in Churches noticeboard

Simple signage to reassure visitors when leaving grass to grow longer

17th May 2022

If you plan to have wild flower areas in your burial ground that are welcome by visitors, communication is key. Conservation in these unique places is all about active management […]

sign in churchyard

Helping Hedgehogs

27th April 2022

The hedgehog is the UK’s only prickly mammal, but it’s in trouble. Despite being voted Britain’s Favourite Wild Mammal, hedgehog numbers have been declining for many years. Research published recently […]

Hedgehog in leafy undergrowth

Flowers and immortelles on Graves – A Welsh custom?

22nd March 2022

It seems very likely that the custom of placing flowers on graves was unique to Wales (at least withing the UK), until the middle of the 19th century. Some of […]

immortelles on graves

Kathleen Gifford – an inspirational churchyard champion at 93. All Saints, Crudwell

8th November 2021

In September 1939, 11-year old Kathleen Gifford was whisked away from her London home. She was evacuated to Charmouth, where she spent nine happy months exploring the Dorset countryside. When […]

Butterfly Monitoring

18th August 2021

Burial grounds, rich in butterflies and moths, are also rich in other invertebrates, so managing sensitively for butterflies will help a whole range of other invertebrates too. We have a […]

God’s Acre

16th December 2020

I am in my local Parish Churchyard, St. Marys, Bromfield. The weather is mild, breezy and threatening rain but the flowering Ivy on the Scots Pine on the left of […]

Bioblitz at St John’s Churchyard

22nd July 2020

Over the years we have been encouraging groups to undertake a bioblitz in their burial ground. A bioblitz is a period of biological surveying (often over 24hours) which attempts to […]

Hazel dormice hold on in biodiverse churchyards

23rd June 2020

Guest blog post written by Sam Devine-Turner, Mammal Detective and Chair of Shropshire Dormouse Group With a decline of 50% since the year 2000, the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius is […]

sleeping dormouse

Churchyard boundaries

17th February 2020

Guest blog post written by Judith Leigh, CfGA Trustee and member of Diocesan Advisory Committees. The boundary of a churchyard is very significant as it separates off a consecrated space, […]

National Biodiversity Network Awards for Wildlife Recording

15th July 2019

One of our key partners in the Beautiful Burial Ground Project – The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) are running awards for Wildlife Recording. The awards were developed in 2015 by […]

Natural History in Churchyards – a guest blog by Steve Woodward

10th September 2018

NATURAL HISTORY IN CHURCHYARDS Steve Woodward Churchyards are well worth exploring for their flora and fauna. Helen Ikin and myself have confirmed this on our many visits to local churchyards […]